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iTECH - 3G supported SMART Home providers in Pakistan

About Us

As technology evolves, homes are being transformed into self-functioning assets. You can now have physical security setup by yourself (no trained staff required!) and you can conveniently use your personal mobile device (SMART phone) to manage a safer lifestyle.

The SMART alarm causes less disruption while installing in comparison to a wired system. Their components might be the same but SMART alarms are connected to a secure cloud server built specifically to provide you real-time updates and control of your system. A great alarm controller will give you GPRS over GSM and broad band connectivity to report all events to you in real time.

Since we are getting more dependent on SMART phones to make our lives more convenient, the Pakistani economy will realize the potential of using SMART alarms just as other advanced world economies have, to secure its assets. We are already importing devices that go online to provide us international content all around us. The SMART alarm costs you a little more than a traditional wired system. The reason is its self-monitoring capability. If you compare it with the monthly monitoring fees, you will be saving a lot of money.

Come join our cause to build SMARTer Homes. The opportunities are endless. It is predicted that there will be 30 billion connected devices by next year alone. Imagine the size in the next 10 years. SMART Homes are the future and the future is knocking at our door!

  • LS-1A/E-B-ZBS

    (Battery-Powered and Non-Grounded Light Switch Series) Climaxs ZigBee Light Switch Series ushers in wireless lighting control that plays a key role in ...

  • SD-8EL-ZBS

    Smoke Detector SD-8EL-ZBS is low profile and small in size. It utilizes the latest Optical Chamber technology to detect potentially harmful ...

  • Z-Wave Dongle
    Z-Wave Dongle

    Climax Technology ZigBee Dongle enables any devices with USB serial port to be integrated into ZigBee network with the dongle via Virtual ...

  • WTRD

    WTRD is an emergency neck pendant with battery life of more than 7.5 years. This waterproof pendant is IP67 rated.

  • BX-35ZW

    BX-35ZW bell box is a battery-operated wireless outdoor siren generating a loud 105 decibel siren sound and strobe lights during an alarm ...

  • KP-7/KP-8

    KP-7 and KP-8 are 16-button wireless keypads with back lighting for nighttime use. The keypads feature low power consumption and long battery ...

  • PB-23ZW

    The PB-23ZW panic button is designed for the user to summon help with one simple button press when an emergency arises. ...

  • PB-7/PB-8

    Wireless panic buttons PB-7 and PB-8 allow the user to summon help with one simple button press. The battery-powered panic buttons have ...

  • PSS-23 Series
    PSS-23 Series

    The PSS-23 and PSS-23SW enable you to turn on/off home appliances from your smartphone or via SMS messages. The power ...

  • IRP-18

    IRP-18 is a microprocessor controlled PIR motion sensor performing quality detection. Its advanced Adaptive Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) algorithms maintain stable and ...