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One of the F1 Security@2km Alarm System Series’ control panels, the ML system features world-leading 2-km RF range and superb reliability. This 50-zone alarm with an LCD display sends alarm reports and video/image alerts to both the CMS and the user. Two-way voice communication and voice reporting are available for 3G and PSTN models. The ML allows you to verify alarms visually, operate home appliances, control lighting, and manage energy use via a mobile app on your smartphone. The ML series offers options of touch keypads, tag readers, rubber keypads and different reporting paths.

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We do not have "One Size Fits All" policy. So when you work with us, we give you our 100 %. We can offer a full range of services that can be "Tailored" to meet the needs of your Business precisely and also Exceed your Expectations with our Results. If you are looking for Cost-effective and Reliable Partner then get in touch with us.

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